Ten Tonne Sparrow is a performance company created by multi-disciplinary artists Tom Hogan, Joe Lui, and Finn O’Branagáin. We work between Perth and Sydney, creating work that uses storytelling, pop-sociology, pop-science, history, and the sheer force of charm and exuberance to talk about the stories we tell about ourselves.

Love Song Dedications
(without Richard Mercer)

A Theatre Show | The Warehouse, Arts House | Melbourne Fringe, 22 - 29 September
Tickets available soon!

"One of the funniest plays you’ll ever see!”
- Alt Media
"The show is hilarious, surprisingly touching and very fast paced..."
- Sydney Arts Guide
"Hogan and Leigh-Dodds are intelligent and effervescent, both youthful specimens, full of beans and big ideas"
- SuzyGoesSee

In 2013, after 17 years of being on air, Richard Mercer left his final Love Song Dedication. It was Trisha Yearwood’s 'How Do I Live (Without You)?' Now, two friends attempt to fill the void that The Love God left behind.

After listening to literally thousands of dedications, as well as too many earnest songs about unrequited love and the greatest love of all, Bonnie and Tom are neck-deep in their quest to find the perfect love song... erm, objectively.

There Can Be Only One.

This devised work promises a night of reassurance, full of songs you are ashamed you know the lyrics to. In a world of post-truths, ironic memes, anti-social media, Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer) offers the ultimate therapeutic playlist. Irony will be truly dead, and only one question will hang in the air: “What is love? (… Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more...)“

22 - 29 September, Melbourne Fringe | The Warehouse, Arts House

[Original Season: 19 - 28 July | PACT, Erskineville]

Created by Tom Hogan & Bonnie Leigh-Dodds
Lighting Design by Emma Lockhart-Wilson
Sound, set, and choreography by Tom Hogan & Bonnie Leigh-Dodds
Photos by Nick mckk